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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new Week A new Slate

Just a few images to inspire and get some visuals out there. I am going to try out a few more digital collages of singers and icons. I love this images of Bob Dylan. To see more collages check out my online store Minzer.etsy.com
I am really into animals right now. Vintage deers, farmlife, and of course owls and birds.
I have my mom and my sis in Australia looking and searching for
all things vintage. Keys, wacth parts and pieces.
There comes a point though when I find a piece that I love I tend to keep it and not use it. It sits and looks fab. I need to stop falling in love so easy with all things vintage.
I want to start nurturing more my creative side. I feel yes I do create but I would love to do just that.
I took an hour out of my day last night and made a piece of art for my sister. A blue plauqe with a altered
rock. With a quote on the front saying "In the heart of the world there is a place that holds the secret names of the rocks." I can't want to share it with her.
Oh and isn't this necklace awesome? I would never wear it but jeeeezzz I would love to just display that. It rocks.

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  1. I loce seeing what inspires you. On your first post you wrote a list of inspirations and likes and I just loved that! I want to do that. I just started a scrap book with images that inspire me. Brooke was doing it and when I visted her I saw it - it is really inspiring to do. It is hard to part with vintage finds. I say keep what you love, keep the best for yourself, and part with the rest.