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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Barn Boozle!

This will be mine someday! I fell in love from the road and in lust from the front yard.
The wild native grasses and wildflowers were so so beautiful and inspiring. I love that. She just let it go but without letting her yard look like it was from "Gray Gardens"
Bed sold, pillows gone....
I am inspired to do this someday. Get a house... well duh but at least with a workable out building that I can have sales at once a month or twice ... or whatever fits me. It would be great practice for a store and as far as I understood it this is what these ladies did.
They call themselves the Apron Girls (yes they wear cute aprons) and they have barn sales. Seasonally, monthly it doesn't matter, it is a damn good idea. Get all your junk together. All your finds and treasures and call your girlfriends too that are into that sort of thing and have them bring their junk to your place. Set up shop. Make some lemonade and have your husbands do all the heavy lifting! I am in.

Done and done and thank you for the future "TO DO."

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  1. Hi! I'm one of the "Apron Chicks"! Great pictures of the barn! Glad you liked the sale and hope you come back for future ones:) Stop and say Hi if you do:)