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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hats Off

Ummmmm to me of course, just feeling very satisfied with myself and even though those huge waves of anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed have sometimes felt like they were drowning me, I have to remember and sometimes chant to myself that "This too shall pass." and that if I "just breathe" and "float" that all will be well. I am so lucky to be home and surrounded by love and support in my life. I am truly a very lucky girl and I am trying to handle it all with grace and patience. So soon starts the new chapter of my life and in my career at a new school and in a new community. Tuesday here I come, I will be there with bells on... even though they may be shaking nervously at first I hope to succeed in all I do here for the kids and school.
Aren't these just some of the sweetest and softest images? I thought so.

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