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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hudson Show

Was a success! It was so nice for a change to be outside (even though I got the sniffles) and to be only a few short miles away for a show. I think I went over board on the display but I just could not resist to take my days of being a visual display girl at Anthropologie and applying it here.

I got so many compliments, "Finally something unique!" I got the idea that I was the odd ball at this show. Many people had to say that they hadn't been to an art show in years because every booth was always the same stuff. In my opinion it was very different from a shows out west were you feel like one of many into a market where you are the one that sticks out.

I got card after card for boutiques, wholesalers, barn sales and invited to be in shows.

Lots of good connections made this week, lots of students face, and it felt good getting my name out there and nestling into my new community!


  1. congrats on your show in hudson.

    i adore a little wacky mixed with talent and passion. you clearly have both.

    continued success. darling photos too.

    now i must go check out your etsy site.

    many moons of smiles to you

  2. i just realized that we have a mutual friend. Lisa Shortridge La Rue Marche. I just designed graphics for the greatest show on earth. your beautiful neck pieces were in the show (of course)

    i bet i missed meeting you.

    soon i hope too.

    love the small happy world as it spins.