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Monday, October 17, 2011

Frankie Fest

Ok I am offically obsesssed with Frankie magazine thanks to my sister. She sent two issues home with my parents when they were visiting her in Australia. I am in love. Serious Love... stay up late and look and google on the internet love. So far I have found out that Frankie Magazine as been around since October 2004, here is a little more info
Back when it all began, frankie magazine founders editor Louise Bannister and
creative director Lara Burke could think of nothing better than spending their
days op shopping and drinking cups of tea. (They still can’t – some things never
change.) One day, they put together a plan to start a magazine. They were uninspired
with what was being offered on newsagency shelves and felt nothing could relate to
them. Both firm friends with similar tastes, they wanted a magazine that spoke directly
to the reader, contained great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads and
pretty photography. With the support and encouragement of youth lifestyle publishing
house Morrison Media, their dream became a reality. Three years later, when Louise
wanted to go off overseas on a big adventure, the duo called up their friend Jo Walker,
who had written for frankie from the first issue. Jo agreed to move back to Australia
and take over the tea-drinking duties from Louise. She is now editor and still works
with co-founder and creative director Lara Burke. Back from her overseas jaunt,
Louise now works on special frankie projects in the role of assistant publisher.
They all enjoy scones, crafting and mid-90s indie rock.

I was just in awe of the texture of the paper in the pages, thick and matte. The content of the articles, and most of all the quality of the pictures. Honestly you could and I will carefully cut out any given page in here and frame it and it would look like a million bucks. In each issue and there has been 43 so far there is a poster/print for your viewing pleasure. You could use it as wrapping paper, there is a printed calender on the back with two months on it, or seriously if you can get the folds out a framed print perfect for your space. I am on the search of back isssues and people selling these. The subcription for overseas is a whopping $115!! So sister if you are reading please keep an eye out for back issues there and for the new issues too. Your the best!

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